About Planet Spectrum

Welcome to Planet Spectrum, we trust your journey has been comfortable…

Parenthood and limbo can be an inglorious place to dwell. Being a parent is fraught with joy, love, confusion and often fear. Add in the uneasiness of an element of “unknown” and it can be fearful and sleepless. Fear of the unknown is a condition we human’s have struggled with since before dot. We want to take you from fear to discovery, offer support and positivity, bringing you out of the haze and into a place of enjoyment and achievement.

Planet Spectrum is designed to help you start building your resources, to develop confidence and a sense of belonging. When autism first entered our world, even with my extensive background in childhood development I was baffled yet knew deep down that my little one needed help, that he needed understanding and no one was giving me the answers I felt we needed. So I have developed something unique that we wish had been there for us. The missing link!

Planet Spectrum is a resource that decodes the guess work and the scariness that can be a part of the Autism journey, as well as provide clarity and support. Planet Spectrum is a non-clinical insightful revelation for Parents, Family and friends.

So we welcome you to the fold and the community of Planet Spectrum

x Kate

Book Launch February 2017!


Little child girl plays astronaut. Child on the background of wooden wall. Child in an astronaut costume plays and dreams of becoming a spaceman.